The Goddess Suite (1987)

The Goddess Suite is a choral work for women's voices, composed by Cynthia Crossen to celebrate the Greek goddesses.

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The Goddess Suite was composed in 1986, performed in 1987, and revived in 2010. The recording available on this website is from the 1987 production. The video on the left documents the 2010 revival, which raised more than $8,000 for women's charities!

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  1. Artemis (4:39) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen
  2. Demeter and Persephone (13:49) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen
  3. Hymn to Hera (3:29) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen
  4. Hestia (3:15) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen
  5. Aphrodite (4:22) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen
  6. Athena (5:53) © 1986 Cynthia Crossen


Thank yous to Ken Crossen, Pomegranate Rose (Sandra Brooks-Mathers, Sarbaga Falk, Laurie Lindgren), Jean Shinoda Bolen (author of Goddesses in Everywoman, Harper & Row, 1985), Chris Vinsonhaler, Mary Love May, and the wonderful people who make up our audiences.

Produced by Cynthia R. Crossen. Goddess Suite recorded live in concert June 6, 1987 at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham, North Carolina; Engineered by Don Mercz of WUNC Radio. Goddess Stories recorded at L.A. Sound Studios Ltd. (Lower Apex, NC); Engineered by Grant “Wizard” Spry. Cover by Hope Wilder. Re-mastered 2004 by Bob Gaude, Cynthia & Ken Crossen. CD's available from Cynthia Crossen, 1116 Marshall Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312, See also We welcome letters! © 1987−2004 Cynthia R. Crossen. All rights reserved.